Promotions to Schools. Fast, flexible delivery. Do you sell, or intend to sell, products or services to Australian schools? We can help you reach Australian schools with your promotions about your programs, products or resources using our 
cost-effective, efficient, targeted, flexible and customisable broadcast fax service. You too can use a proven system that works for many companies. "The response to our program from this fax service has been phenomenal. I have been inundated with enquiries not only on the day of the broadcast but on subsequent days too! A high proportion of these enquiries were from schools and kindergarten which we had contacted in the past, but they had not embraced the opportunity of our program. This has been a far more efficient way of contacting schools compared to what we had done previously. We will certainly utilise this service again. Thanks heaps" - T Whalan - Delta Dog Safe Program Coordinator Your valuable promotion should not be lost amongst all the other ads on a printed page in a directory or print 
magazine - after all, you want your promotion to stand out and to sell your products or programs or services. There's no need to wait for lengthy print magazine deadlines, or sending expensive direct mail (print cost, envelopes, fulfilment, postage) campaigns that may not even reach the decision maker. Surely you don't want your offer to get lost amongst the mass of mail sent to schools each day? You can have your promotion in Australian schools within hours, or even minutes in some cases, during school hours. 
This service offers you the flexibility to reach the schools and pre-schools you want to reach in the areas of your choice.


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