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A service for independent authors. Guiding from the start of writing your book through to publication, eBooks, and books in print

Website and mobile site creation
Designed to suit any device, desktop, laptop or mobile. Create websites for your books, association, organisation, school or business.

Reach schools
Do you sell products, programs, excursions, resources to Australian schools? We help you to reach Australian schools cost effectively and efficiently for your promotions about your programs, products or resources.

What clients say:

"Thank you so much, I could never have managed this (publishing ebook) without
your professional help. You have been so helpful." - AP Franklin

"This is brilliant, thank you" - title suggested for book name". I love the look of this book. -
Dr I Broadley Westerduin

"You have made everything so easy for us. Your help was above and beyond our expectations. Thank you!"  - SAASPC

You've listened carefully to all our requirements, captured our thoughts, applied your personal touch and with all of this, you've created an extraordinary website. A De Beer


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