Publish. Design & Develop. Market.


Work with an award-winning publisher who is providing top quality, positively focused information. I work with authors who are specialists and recognised across a wide range of topics in the education sector, and specialise in helping authors to publish their work as books and magazine articles.


Based in Australia, and having worked in the UK, South Africa, France, I have been in publishing for 30 years and have gained an enormous amount of experience. I started my own publishing house in 2000. At that stage I had already enjoyed creating features for magazines, sold the advertising, headed a team of sales people, worked as PR consultant to international companies, organised large commercial events, implemented marketing campaigns and more.


As a book publisher I do a lot more, including working to print budgets, planning, working with authors, reviewing books, developing strategies, sub-editing, creating websites and following through to finality.


Print and eBooks with interactivity are published for independent authors, create and can include fabulous websites.  I help organisations who want to reach schools with their products, programs, services, excursions/incursions and more.


I love what I do and work with talented people who love what they do and help them to bring their dream to reality.




What clients say:

"Thank you so much, I could never have managed this (publishing ebook) without
your professional help. You have been so helpful." - AP Franklin

"You have made everything so easy for us. Your help was above and beyond our expectations. Thank you!"  - SAASPC

"Thank you - you're a genius!" -
Dr Hans A Andrews

"Your broadcast service works so well, so much better than post or email, it's the only form of promotion to schools that we do now" - ISV.

This was truly the best experience we've ever had, dealing with a website designer/creator.  - A De Beer

I thought I'd check to see if our promotion had gone out because we're suddenly receiving phone calls from schools who want to place orders. - SSA (Uniform manufacturer)


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